What affect will the Landlord Stamp Duty have on the market?

What affect will the Landlord Stamp Duty have on the market?

In February, demand for rental properties grew to an average 37 per letting agent branch – the highest since February 2015, as supply increased marginally

The new stamp duty reforms for buy-to-let (BTL) properties, coming into effect on 1st April will increase rent costs for tenants and trigger a decline in the supply of available properties, reveals the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) February Private Rental Sector (PRS) report. A lot of people are looking for cash house buyers to sell their home fast.

Over half (52 per cent) of letting agents reported an uplift in interest near sarasota before the stamp duty reforms come into effect – an increase from 47 per cent in January. However, after the deadline, two thirds (63 per cent) predict that supply will fall as landlords are pushed out of the market.

Almost six in ten (57 per cent) ARLA members agree rents will be pushed up once the stamp duty reforms have come in to effect, as increased costs for landlords are passed through to tenants.

David Cox, managing director, ARLA said: “The stamp duty changes are now imminent, and as well as hitting small landlord’s, they will also impact institutional investors. Although members are reporting a rush from landlords trying to snap up their buy-to-let investments now, it’s likely that we’ll see the buy-to-let market drop like a stone come April and probably not pick up again until next year. This will most certainly cause rents to increase, with supply dropping, as competition for the limited availability of properties intensifies.”

Supply and demand

Demand rose by almost a fifth (19%) in February, with an average 37 prospective tenants registered per member branch. This is the highest level seen since February last year, when an average 40 tenants were registered per branch. Alongside growing demand, the supply of rental properties on letting agents’ books increased to 176 in February, a rise from 172 in January.

David Cox continues: “The demand for housing continues to intensify as supply remains an issue across most of the country. We are concerned that the government rhetoric of wanting to help people onto the housing ladder does not tally with their action of continuing to target the rental market with additional costs, the costs of the houses increase depending also on how many services are available near the house, like having a Long Island Locksmith if you ever need a security upgrade on your doors. Some landlords will simply withdraw from the market whereas others who can take the hit of the extra stamp duty will simply raise rents to cover the extra costs.

Source : ARLA

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