Spare Time on Your Hands – Refresh Your Shed Ready for Summer

Spare Time on Your Hands – Refresh Your Shed Ready for Summer

Refresh your garden shed in time for the summer!

"The majority of people who have a garden will also have a shed. The great thing about a garden shed is that it can be used for almost anything – storage, a garden drinks bar, a safe haven from family parties, the list goes on!"

The only problem with having a garden shed is that if you don’t maintain it and keep it in a good condition, it can turn into a dumping ground and become neglected and damaged by the weather.

It’s definitely worth putting in some time and effort to revive it, but that doesn’t mean it needs to cost you a fortune, you just need to make a few changes here and there, and give your shed some TLC.

Clean it Out         

The first step to reviving your garden shed is to clean it out. Obviously you don’t want to throw away everything, so try and arrange the contents of your shed into three piles: hardly used, occasionally used, and regularly used.

Throw away anything you find that is broken and can no longer be used, then repack your shed using your three piles. Put the hardly used pile neatly in the back of the shed, and the regularly used things at the front – this way you will be able to find what you are looking for next time you need one of your tools.

Get Organised

Before you get round to repacking your shed, try and make it as organised as possible. The easiest way to do this is by installing some storage and shelving on the floor and walls of your shed.

Old cabinets and drawers are ideal for storage, and just putting up some hooks can make a huge difference. If you have a lot of tall items such as canes, rakes, hoes, etc., then suspend a rope horizontally across the wall which will hold them in place and stop them falling over.

Paint it

A lick of paint can make a world of difference to your garden shed, and give it a whole new lease of life. The majority of sheds are made from wood, and this can unfortunately become warped and weakened when exposed to the British weather.

Apply a pre-treatment to your wood or use a paint that contains a wood preservative. If your wood is already painted, then strip it back with a sander before re-painting, and don’t be scared to use a bright colour when you get round to re-doing it.


Once the inside of the shed is sorted and it’s got a fresh new coat of paint, it’s time to give it some final touches and decorate. A shed doesn’t have to be plain and boring, there are lots of ways to jazz it up.

You could attach a trellis to one side of your shed and allow climbers to grow up it, or just place some potted plants on the ground at the front. If you want to give your shed a summer house feel, then you could also put up some curtains on the windows and bunting around the roof.

A simple day (maybe an upcoming bank holiday?) is all it takes to get your shed summer ready! When June appears, you’ll be grateful you took the time!

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