House hunters prepared to pay a premium for a great garden.

House hunters prepared to pay a premium for a great garden.

You may be surprised to hear that house-hunters regard the importance of outside space alongside the desire for a top-end kitchen or bathroom, and are willing to pay a premium of up to £15,000 according to a recent survey by Zoopla and The Society of Garden Designers.

Buyers and renters put a high emphasis on having outdoor space, with 86% of both groups saying having a garden was very or extremely important, and people are willing to spend on average £7,339 to create their dream garden.

People living in the south east are prepared to pay the biggest premium for a property with a garden at an average of £21,925, followed by house-hunters in the north west at £18,425.

Those in the south east are also most likely to rate having a garden as being important at 91%.

Regional breakdown of garden spending

Region Average premium willing to pay for a garden Average current spend per year Average spend transforming current garden
South East £21,925 £812 £7,822
North West £18,425 £518 £5,860
East of England £13,974 £753 £10,822
London £13,388 £554 £7,434
East Midlands £12,803 £734 £8,440
South West £11,935 £674 £6,899
Wales £11,268 £733 £5,832
North East £10,569 £732 £7,257
West Midlands £10,552 £731 £7,812
Scotland £10,207 £700 £6,646
Yorkshire and Humber £9,068 £619 £6,435
Britain £14,448 £678 £7,339


The priorities when it comes to creating a dream garden may surprise you, having somewhere to sit and relax was ranked as the most important feature, cited by 36% of people.

It was followed by having south-facing outdoor space or a design that allowed the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day, which was key for 15% of people.

Both of these features were considered to be more important than having somewhere for children to play or space for pets, cited by 12% and 7% respectively.

Around 8% of people wanted flowers or shrubs to be part of the design, while 6% wanted somewhere to entertain and 4% of people wanted to be able to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

But water features appear to have fallen out of fashion, with only 0.4% of people considering this an important feature of a garden design.

The 9 most important design features of a garden

  1. Somewhere to sit and relax (36%)
  2. Maximum sunlight throughout the day / south facing (15%)
  3. Somewhere for the children to play (12%)
  4. Flowers / shrubs (8%)
  5. A space for pets (7%)
  6. Somewhere to entertain (6%)
  7. Growing my own fruit/vegetables (4%)
  8. Extra storage space/shed (2%)
  9. A water feature (0.4%)

So if you are looking to maximise the sale price or rental income of your home the garden cannot be ignored, especially the front garden which will add to the curb appeal and first impression.

Source - Zoopla and the Society of Garden Designers. UK only.

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