Finally, Some Good News for Landlords

Finally, Some Good News for Landlords

British workers have seen their first real pay rise in a year, as average wage growth overcomes the fading inflationary effects of the Brexit vote. Bringing to an end 12 months of falling living standards, the latest snapshot of Britain’s job market from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) showed pay rising above inflation for the first time since January 2017.


The data suggests that wage growth is currently outpacing inflation, at 3.2% compared to 1.3%.  In the three months to December 2019, the UK’s average weekly pay reached £512 (excluding bonuses). This is the highest level since March 2008, before the global economic crisis.


Inflation rose to 1.8% in January 2020, mainly due to the higher cost of fuel, and the growth in house prices, among other factors. This is, however, still below the Bank of England’s 2% target and below current wage growth. The latest inflation figure means it is likely the Bank of England interest rates will be kept at 0.75%, making mortgages more affordable.




So why is this good news for Landlords? Well, since potential tenants will have relatively higher wages, they will be more likely to pass affordability tests and maintain their payments for properties with higher rents. As rents have risen due to the recent tenant fee ban, this is beneficial for both tenants and landlords.


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